About Kranji

Separation, heat transfer and dynamic multi-phase flow solutions for the upstream, midstream and downstream process industry

Kranji Solutions was founded in Singapore in 2008, with the aim of offering independent consultancy service on separation and related multi-phase flow to the Oil & Gas Industry.

The company founders honed their skills and expertise in the leading separation technology company CDS Engineering BV. CDS and its product intellectual property was acquired by FMC in 2007.

Kranji Solutions initially focused on separation process troubleshooting and debottlenecking for operators and service companies world-wide, adding laboratory research and test capabilities in 2010. In addition to helping field operations with process analysis and CFD modelling, Kranji Solutions now offered customers contract research and development on specialist separation equipment as well as physical validation of CFD predictions.

In 2011 Kranji released the MySep program for rating and design of 2- and 3-phase separators.  This software incorporated decades of know-how, good practice and proprietary models and correlations produced from in-house research.  Kranji spun-off out the MySep Pte Ltd company in 2013, to focus on the process engineering software market.